Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Transitioning To Adulthood

These photos were taken at my daughter's Baccalaureate last June. She was chosen to sing at the event, a beautiful song entitled "Small Part of the World." I was so proud of her, still am. I can't believe how fast the time just flew right by. She is now a freshmen in college, studying to become an elementary school teacher. She attends school in the mornings and works at a private Christian school run by our church in the afternoons. One of the teachers is pregnant and going on maternity leave and my daughter has been asked to assist with the 1st grade class during her maternity leave. She is very excited to be able to help out in a classroom setting. We will see how she feels being in the classroom, and the chance she has to make sure this is the career path she wants to continue on. I am very excited for her.
Do you remember this age? Being so young and full of possibility? You know what? Why do we have to let that sense of excitement and possibility end as we start to age? I am only 37 years old with a daughter already making that transition into adulthood. My husband and I spent many years trying to conceive, and it just hasn't happened for us. But now we are looking towards the future with eyes full of hope and possibility. We are young, what are we going to do with all this time we have?
I took on guitar lessons and have also learned to sew. My husband is currently unemployed, which is a bit scary. But he wasn't happy in the job he was doing and so we are thinking this may be a blessing in disguise. Maybe now he will be lucky enough to find a job doing something he really wants to do and enjoys.

The possibilities are endless!

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