Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sewing For Tina

My friend Tina is due in early April with her first child, a girl. I am so glad I learned to sew. I bought the softest flannel in 6 bright cheery prints to make a quilt for the baby and ended up with leftover flannel. I made some reversible bibs and burp cloths with it, and another small tag blanket. Not the best camera wasn't handy so I used my phone's camera function. I will try to post better pics later when I finish the back of the quilt. So far just the top is done. I will also take some pics of the other things I made.

My daughter has a friend who is due in late March/early April as well and I am going to make her some things as well for her baby, also a girl. The close up print is what I will use. My daughter really likes that particular flannel.

My sewing skills are improving with each little project I do. I wish I had a better machine, but mine is okay for the level I am at. Down the line I definitely want to invest in a better machine. My Mom gave me her old serger and I need to pull it out and figure out how to use it. My friend Cate, who taught me to sew, may need to come to the rescue again and show me a thing or two about a serger.

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