Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shopping In My Closet

I feel SO accomplished today. It has been really raining here for most of the day, so I have been indoors. My sewing machine decided not to cooperate with me after only making 2 headbands...ARGH! So I decided to come upstairs and tackle my closet.

How exciting! Clothes keep getting pushed farther to the left as I hang up my clean laundry. So I pulled everything out and re-evaluated what I really need. From one of the blogs I read, I realized when I donate clothing I am giving up valuable fabric! So I looked through everything and was so happy to discover things I had forgotten I had while they were stuck to the left side of the dark closet. I also decided it is time for me to part with things that for some reason or other I have kept for years, yet never wear. Why do women do that?

We have our skinny clothes, our "fat day" clothes and the clothes that fit us now. So I did away with the things I just don't wear. But instead of just carting it all to Goodwill, I kept some things to cut up and use for fabric. I have some beautiful wool, linen, embroidered bits, etc. Now I can make some throw pillows, bags, headbands, etc. Whatever I feel inspired to make. And it won't cost me near as much. How 'bout that? Being kind to the earth and my wallet at the same time by re-purposing. Of course...sewing anything is contingent on my cheap sewing machine behaving!

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